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Physics of Evolved Stars 2017

The role of binarity


Session 1: Impact and effect of a companion on mass loss

examples: Roche-lobe overflow, winds, jets, wind collisions, common envelope, etc.


Session 2: Impact of a companion on stellar evolution

examples: polluted stars, rejuvenation, SN progenitors, fossil shells, etc.


Session 3: Disk formation and evolution

examples: AGB stars disks, sgB[e] stars disks, etc.


Session 4: Impact on dust formation and evolution

example: dust-formation in WR stars, dust-formation in AGB stars

Session 5: Hunt for binaries

examples: binaries frequency, role of binarity, detection biases, etc.


Chesneau Prize Lecture


Session 6: Shaping

examples: large scale shells, cocoons or bubbles, ISM shocks, interaction between PN nebulae and central object, etc.


Session 7: Transient sky and binaries

examples: supernovae, novae, mergers, etc.


Conference Summary

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