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Dear colleagues,  
We are organizing the second conference on the physics of evolved stars in Nice between 10-13th of July 2017
 (the first one occurred in 2015: We aim at focusing it on the role of binarity, be 
it for low-mass evolved stars (AGB, post-AGB, novae, cataclysmic variables..), or for high-mass stars (RSG, 
WR, LBV, sgB[e] stars, post-interaction products...).
The goal of the conference is to gather observer and theoreticians from both the low mass stars and massive stars
 communities. Ample discussion time is a key feature of this conference alongside breakout discussion session to
 trigger ideas/collaborations to tackle the main questions in the study of evolved stars.   
We invite you to save the date, submit an abstract and come to the French riviera to share your
work with specialists of stellar physics during this conference. We foresee to link all the talks to the
 ADS instead of publishing proceedings.
Please visit our website -, where we will post all the relevant information 
(registration, program, etc.). So please stay tuned!
Important dates to keep in mind are the following: 
- Abstract submissions are now accepted 
- 15 Feb: registration starts 
- 30 Mar: deadline for abstract submission 
- 15 Apr: talk/poster selection announcement 
-  1 Jun: end of normal registration/ beginning of late registration 
- 15 Jun: no more registration accepted 
- 10 Jul: start of the conference 
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